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Facing Inflation Part 1: UK Economists Tackle the Tough Questions

By Lindsey Piercy Thursday

LEXINGTON, Ky. (June 23, 2022) — From gas prices to groceries, it seems like everything is going up lately. And it’s weighing on you — the consumer.

Naturally, many have questions about the impact of inflation. How will it affect your finances and future?

In a Q&A series, we asked University of Kentucky experts — from the Gatton College of Business and Economics and the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment — to tackle those tough questions.

8 February 2022 - Michael Childress and Lindsey Piercy (UKNow)

Outlining the ways in which the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect Kentucky’s economy, the Center for Business and Economic Research (CBER) — the applied economic research branch of the Gatton College of Business and Economics at the University of Kentucky — released its 50th Kentucky Annual Economic Report today.

19 January 2022 - Steve Rogers (WTVQ)

LEXINGTON, Ky. (UK ublic Relations) — Embarking upon a new year, with a multitude of challenges, the economic recovery continues globally and regionally, which sets the stage for the University of Kentucky’s 33rd annual Economic Outlook Conference 8 a.m.-noon EST Tuesday, Feb. 8.

This year’s conference, to be held at the Central Bank Center, is in-person and requires pre-registration, with a $125 fee and a registration deadline of Feb. 1.

21 December 2021 - BBC News

Millions of Americans are leaving their jobs in what economists are calling "the great resignation". 2021 has seen a huge number of people in the US change their careers - last month four million quit their jobs. BBC's US correspondent Michelle Fleury went to meet people in Kentucky, where people are quitting at a higher rate than in many other states.

10 September 2021 - Temi Adeleye (WPSD)

Pandemic unemployment insurance benefits ended earlier this week, and some people are deciding to stay home, leaving businesses struggling with staff shortages.

There are several factors contributing to the issue.

Mike Clark, the Director of the University of Kentucky Center for Business and Economic Research, listed them out, and shared what he thinks it will take to improve the labor force and lower labor force participation rate.

19 August 2021 - Steve Rogers (WTVQ)

Kentucky’s seasonally adjusted preliminary July 2021 unemployment rate was 4.4%, according to the Kentucky Center for Statistics , an agency within the Education and Workforce Development Cabinet (EWDC).

The preliminary July 2021 jobless rate was unchanged from June 2021 and down 1.2 percentage points from the 5.6% recorded for the state one year ago.

The U.S. seasonally adjusted jobless rate for July 2021 was 5.4%, down from the 5.9% reported in June 2021, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.

5 August 2021 - Jacqueline Pitts (The Bottom Line News)

Lawmakers in Frankfort got an in-depth look at the status of Kentucky’s economic recovery, including the Commonwealth’s struggle to bring back workers and fill open positions.